Adjusting the location in the Xplora app Adjusting the location in the Xplora app

Adjusting the location in the Xplora app

At times, the watch's location may suddenly jump to a distant point within a specific area. This typically occurs when the watch determines its position based on nearby WiFi spots in your neighborhood, leading to a consistent display of an incorrect location.

Manually refreshing the location using the ↻ button often provides more accurate results than automatic location updates.

However, if the issue seems persistent, you can use the option to adjust the location manually within the app. This feature was launched in Android app version 1.2.64 and the iOS app version 1.3.3. So if you do not see this option on the map, then you might need to update the app.

The Xplora app is available here:




Go to the watch you want to track.



You will get a popup information about the new feature when you open the map in the Xplora app.

You can check Don't show this message again to don't show the popup anymore.



To report an incorrect location, tap the exclamation mark on the top right corner.



Confirm that you want to report the incorrect location by pressing the Yes button. 



Move the pin to the correct location on the map and select Send report. 


As a last security measure you are asked to confirm the new location. Select Confirm to amend the location or press Cancel if you want to select a different location. 

It may be necessary to repeat the correction process multiple times, each time the app reports an incorrect position, so that the position can be corrected accordingly.

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