You can add up to 20 events, which can be used as reminders for after school activities and appointments, or simply as wake up alarms. The alarms can be set both on the watch and through the app. 

To add an alarm on the watch, go to "Alarm" and click on the (+) button. Set the alarm time and choose the days when the alarm should ring. Don't forget to click on "Save"!


To add a reminder on your Xplora app, tap on "Alarm" and then click on "New Alarm" button on the mid lower screen.

Alarm_UK1.jpeg   Alarm_UK2.jpeg  


Enter the name and choose the time and the days when the alarm should ring. Tap on "Save" to save the reminder. Click on "New Alarm" if you wish to add more reminders.

Alarm_UK3.jpeg   Alarm_UK4.jpeg

The reminders are accompanied by a signal tone on the watch. If the watch is in school mode, the alarms will appear as a silent notification. The notifications can be also accompanied by a vibration during school mode if you enable vibrations in the Volume Settings of your watch.