How to factory reset the watch How to factory reset the watch

How to factory reset the watch

Sometimes it might be necessary to perform a factory reset of your watch. 

Due to security reasons, the X5 Play does not have a button to reset the watch. 

The X5 Play can only be reset while having access to mobile network. Before resetting, please ensure the SIM card has data volume and the watch has coverage. If the position of the watch is being updated and messages can be sent, the watch has access to mobile network, and the reset may be fulfilled. Please mind that all settings will be deleted, and the Xplora would need to be activated once again.

The guardian can reset the watch by deleting it from their app. To do that, tap into the menu of the watch in the app, scroll down until you see the last position "Remove watch". Tap on that and confirm by pressing "Remove". If the watch has two guardians, you will need to remove all the other contacts before the watch can be deleted from the app and perform the factory reset.

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Contact us via or  if you need assistance with the factory reset.