USA & Canada: Which SIM-card can I use? USA & Canada: Which SIM-card can I use?

USA & Canada: Which SIM-card can I use?

UNITED STATES: All Xplora smartwatches sold in the US come with an Xplora Connect SIM-card preinstalled. The SIM-card has unlimited voice minutes and 150 MB of mobile data per month.

Activating the subscription is the first step you take before starting to use the watch. Please choose your Xplora model to get redirected to the activation page or login to your Xplora Connect account to complete the activation process:


Select "Start Now" on the activation page and enter your email address.

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We will then ask you to validate your account by sending a security code to your email.
Follow the prompts to select a plan. 
Once you've completed these steps, your SIM card will be activated and ready to use with your Xplora device!

Our watches are optimized for Xplora Connect and we cannot guarantee the quality if the pre-installed SIM is exchanged with a SIM-card from another telecommunication provider. If, for any reason, you want to try your watch with a plan that is not provided by Xplora, our compatible providers can be found here. SIM-cards not provided by Xplora should also have unlimited voice minutes and 150 MB of mobile data per month and make sure that the mobile data is active and deactivate the PIN code before pairing the watch.


CANADA: The XGO3 and the X6Play are SIM-free which means that you need to get a separate nano SIM-card before you start using your watch. We recommend Rogers Communications Canada and Bell SIM-cards for the best performance of your watch. Note that you need a full plan for smartphones, not smartwatches. 

The SIM-card should have voice minutes and around 150 MB of mobile data per month. Data volume usage can vary depending on the personal use of the watch. The watch can be connected to a WiFi network to lower the data usage. 


Other providers: The list of our compatible providers is being updated and our goal for the future is to make most of major providers compatible with our watches. 

Other network providers may work if you update the watch with their APN setting. For more information about the APN settings, click here.