Thank you for choosing Xplora. We hope that you enjoy this new and more exciting way of exploring the world. The following guide will show you how to set up your XMOVE.



1. Charge the XMOVE for at least 2 hours before using it for the first time.

2. If you are a new Xplora app user:

2.1. Download and install the Xplora app on your smartphone:

  • Xplora app for Android phones
  • Xplora app for iPhones

    2.2. Open the Xplora app and click on "Get started". Fill in your email address, password and phone number for registration. After creating a user account, click on “Add Device” on the app and allow pictures and video record permission on your smartphone.

3. If you are an already existing Xplora app user, choose “Already have an account?", then enter your phone number and password to log in your current account. Click on (+) sign at the right top corner of the app page and give the app permission to access your camera.

4. Enable the Bluetooth option on your phone and search for available devices. Click on the XMOVE to pair the tracker with your phone. 

4. Go to the menu of your XMOVE and click on “QR-code”. Point your phone camera on the QR code to scan then connect the watch with Xplora app. Confirm all permission requests that appear automatically to ensure that all functions work correctly.


5. Fill in device and user profile, then press “Start”, and XMOVE is ready for you!