To check for and perform system updates on your X6Play, follow these few steps:

  1. First you need to enter the "Settings" menu:
    - Swipe left in the watch's menu
    - You will find a gear icon with settings
    - Tap this icon

  2. In addition, you must access Updates:
    - Scroll down the settings menu
    - You will find an orange menu option that says "Updates"
    - Tap this menu option

  3. The watch will now scan to see if there's a new update available

  4. If there's an update available you will need to start the download
    - You will find a big button that says download
    - Tap this button

  5. The download will start and a percentage will show the progress

  6. When the download is complete the watch will automatically restart

  7. When the watch restarts it will start the installation and you will be presented with a progress bar

  8. Once the watch has finished the update it will boot up and will be ready to use

Please note that to perform a system update the watch needs to be connected to WiFi. For instructions on how to connect your watch to Wifi you can click here.