To connect X6Play to Wi-Fi, follow these few steps:

  1. First you need to enter the "Settings":
    - Swipe left in the watch's menu
    - You will find a gear icon with settings
    - Tap this icon

  2. In addition, you must access "Connections":
    - It's the top button in the menu
    - Tap on it and a new menu will open
    - Tap on "Wi-Fi" 

  3. Before we can continue, we need to confirm that Wi-Fi is enabled:
    - If the Wi-Fi switch is grayed out, it is disabled
    - Tap the Wi-Fi switch to activate Wi-Fi. Once activated, the button will turn green

  4. There will now be a list of available networks. This may take a few seconds to update:
    - Scroll down this list until you find the name of your home network
    - Tap this network

  5. You will now be asked to enter your password:
    - Touch the text box where the password is to be entered to bring up the keyboard on the watch
    - Enter the password for your network
    - Confirm the password by tapping on the green check mark on the right side of the password

  6. If the password is correct, the WiFi will be saved. Now connect to it:
    - Tap again on that WiFi network and you will see 3 options
    - Tap on "Connect"

The watch will now connect to your home network.