About the XPLORA Activity Band About the XPLORA Activity Band

About the XPLORA Activity Band

The XPLORA Activity Band is a fitness tracker for the whole family.

It is a perfect addition to the smartphone and can be easily connected with Bluetooth. You can exchange your steps for virtual rewards and amazing prizes on our unique Online-to-Offline-portal  #GoPlay



You have the full overview of your sport activities and health related data at any time on the "XPLORA Activity Band".

  • measures pulse, oxygen saturation, quality of sleep, steps and other physical activity
  • no need for a SIM-card (connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth)
  • also works if your smartphone is out of reach - the data is saved on the device and transferred to your smartphone the next time the Activity Band connects to Bluetooth
  • battery life with normal use: 3 days
  • can be used with Android phones (Android 5.0 and higher) or iPhones (iOS 9.0 and higher)
  • can be connected to the #GoPlay portal
  • can display notifications and indicate them through vibration