XPLORA Activity Band: Getting started XPLORA Activity Band: Getting started

XPLORA Activity Band: Getting started

Follow the steps below to pair the XPLORA Activity Band with your smartphone: 

  1. Install the App "XPLORA Activity Band" on your smartphone: XPLORA_AB-app-symbol.png

  2. In order to use all features (notifications of incoming messages or calls, remote control of the phone's camera, etc.), you need to accept all the authorisations the app requests.
    • For Android users: After installing the app you should authorise the app to work in the background by going to the Settings of your smartphone.

    • For iPhone users: If your app is on standby or idle mode for longer than 2 hours, it will possibly get closed by the iOS-system. If this happens, the app and fitness tracker might disconnect and some functions won't be available anymore. Open the app again to re-establish the connection. 
  3. Binding the app with the Activity Band

    • Open the XPLORA Activity Band app and create a user account if you don't already have one. If you have previously created an account in another XPLORA app, you do NOT need to create a new account.

    • Make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone before you add the Activity Band. But do NOT bind the device through the Bluetooth-menu of your smartphone. Otherwise, it won't appear in the app on the list of available devices.

    • Choose the XPLORA Activity Band from the list of available devices on your XPLORA Activity Band app.

    • After the successful binding, the information from the watch will appear in the app.