XPLORA 3 & 3S: Add a second guardian/administrator XPLORA 3 & 3S: Add a second guardian/administrator

XPLORA 3 & 3S: Add a second guardian/administrator

The Xplora 3S allows up to two guardians. Both guardians have almost the same rights, with the only difference being that only the primary administrator can factory reset the watch from their app.

Adding a second guardian is easy, just follow the steps below. Keep in mind that each guardian can delete the other guardian. Make sure that the person you want to assign as second guardian is absolutely trustworthy!

  1. The person you want to add as second guardian needs to download the Xplora app on their smartphone and create their own account.
  2. Once the person has installed the app and created a user account, you have two options:
    1. You can add a new contact through the Contact menu of the Xplora app.
      - OR -
    2. The person can scan the QR code from the watch. The QR code is to be found in the Settings menu of the watch.
      After scanning the code, the first guardian needs to accept the contact's request through the contact menu of his/her app.
  3. Once the new user has been added as a contact, he/she can be assigned admin rights through the contact menu of the app:

In the Contacts menu, select the contact that you want to grant admin rights and click on "Set contact as a guardian":

IMG_B1E7E74C67C3-1.jpeg.      IMG_1FD7349A4935-1.jpeg

Once done, both guardians have access to the same features.

Please note - it is not necessary to have admin rights in order to send chat messages or voice messages to the watch. Every regular contact can use the chat function once they have downloaded the app.