XPLORA GO: Change device mode XPLORA GO: Change device mode

XPLORA GO: Change device mode

XPLORA GO has two different modes with different functionalities:

  • Kids mode, which allows you to use the XPLORA GO as a GPS phone for children
  • Asset mode, which provides functionalities to use the XPLORA GO as an asset tracker, including features such as tamper protection and parking mode.

By default, XPLORA GO is set to asset mode. To change the mode of your XPLORA GO, open the settings menu on the device. You can access it through the following icon in the main menu: settings-iconxgox3s.png
In the settings menu, select "icon_changemode_xgo.pngChange mode"

After selecting the desired mode, tap on it to confirm. A request will be sent to the app of the device's administrator. If the administrator accepts the change request in the app, the new mode will be applied.

To avoid misuse, the request will time out if the administrator doesn't accept the request within 30 seconds. We therefore recommend to have the smartphone at hand when changing the mode.