XPLORA GO: Setting Alarms XPLORA GO: Setting Alarms

XPLORA GO: Setting Alarms

The following article shows you how to set reminders for an after school activity, an appointment or simply for a wake up alarm.

To set a reminder, tap on "Calendar" in your XPLORA App. Please mind that the watch needs to be in kids mode for the event to be set.




If that is your first reminder, tap on " New event".



Once you have entered all necessary settings, tap on "Save".



To add further events, tap on the plus sign in the upper right corner, and proceed in the same manner as described above.




Usually the reminders will be accompanied by a signal tone on the watch.

Should the watch be in school mode, will they appear as a silent notification. You may set vibrations in the sound settings of the watch. In that case, the reminders will be notified with a vibration during school mode.