X5 Play eSIM: Bluetooth Connection problem X5 Play eSIM: Bluetooth Connection problem

X5 Play eSIM: Bluetooth Connection problem

If your X5 Play eSIM cannot be paired with the app because there is a problem with the Bluetooth connection, please try the following steps:

- Delete the Xplora app
- Turn off both devices completely, both your smartphone and the watch
- Now switch on ONLY your smartphone
- Check if there is any pending update available for your smartphone and the Xplora app
- Check if the old Xplora Bluetooth connection is saved, delete it if necessary
- Reload the Xplora app and confirm ALL standard permissions
- Set up your Xplora account. Go to step: Add a new watch
- ONLY NOW should you switch on the watch and scan the watch's QR code


Please contact our customer support team at support.uk@xplora.com or support.ie@xplora.com if you still have problems setting up your watch. Don't forget to include the following information:

- Model and firmware version of your watch. The firmware version can be checked in the settings of your watch
- IMEI number of the watch. You can find the IMEI on the box or in the settings of your watch
- Your eSIM provider
- Name and version of the app you are using
- Your smartphone model and the current iOS / Android version
- Your phone number (the one you use as guardian)
- If any error message appears, please attach a photo of the error message