Xplora 4: How is the position calculated? Xplora 4: How is the position calculated?

Xplora 4: How is the position calculated?

The location of the Xplora can be calculated using three different sources: GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile network triangulation.

When outdoors, the GPS offers the highest level of accuracy, with a precision of 25 - 100 meters. GPS signal is not available indoors.

If the position can't be determined by GPS due to lack of reception (f.ex. inside buildings), the watch will use WiFi to determine its position. The precision radius is then slightly higher than with GPS.
The accuracy of WLAN network positioning will increase in the future, as more and more Wi-Fi networks are being recorded in the database used for location determination.

When neither GPS nor WiFi are available (which is less and less uncommon nowadays), the watch uses the position of mobile antennas to triangulate its position. This method is the least accurate and is only used in the very rare event of neither GPS nor WiFi being available.

You can check the level of accuracy on the app, as well as see which method is used to determine the position of the watch.


Note: Like all smartwatches, Xplora watches have a much smaller antenna than a regular smartphone. The location can only be as accurate as the mobile signal allows.