Everything you need to know about calls and messages & contacts and guardians Everything you need to know about calls and messages & contacts and guardians

Everything you need to know about calls and messages & contacts and guardians

How do the calls and messages work?
Calls work thanks to voice minutes. The Xplora watches don't support the VoIP calls yet.
Any of the 50 contacts whose phone number has been saved on the parental app can make and receive calls from the child, as well as send text messages to the watch.
Chat messages work on mobile data. Any of the 50 contacts who have downloaded the app and have been approved by the guardians of the watch can exchange messages (text and voice messages, emojis, photos, etc.) between the chat of the app and the watch.

What is the difference between guardians and standard contacts?
Guardians of the watch (max. 2) are the contacts that have access to all the settings of the watch. They can, among others, add other contacts, check the position of the watch or define the safe zones.
All contacts can make and receive calls, as well as send text messages to the watch. In addition, once they have downloaded the Xplora app, they can exchange chat messages (voice and text messages, photos, emojis, etc.) with the child. 

How many numbers can you save on the X5 Play/X5 Play eSIM?
Up to 50 phone numbers can be saved.

How many people can receive the emergency call?
2 people (guardians of the watch).

How many people can be connected to the X5 Play/X5 Play eSIM at once?
A total of 50 people (including the two guardians) can be connected to the watch. 

How do you add new contacts?
There are two options here:
- A guardian can add new contacts manually through the “Contacts” menu of the app. In order to use all the messaging features, the contacts must download the Xplora app and create a user profile.


- If someone has already downloaded the Xplora app and created a user profile, they can scan the watch's QR code using the "Add device" function on the Xplora app. The guardians will then receive their request to become a contact, which they need to confirm before this person is added to the contact list of the watch.

How many watches will appear on the app?
Up to 10 watches will show up on the Xplora app.

Calls aren't working

There are multiple reasons why the calls might not work:
- Phone number hasn't been saved on the parental app
- Phone number has been incorrectly saved. Make sure that you choose the correct country code and enter the number with no additional symbols, digits nor spaces.
- Caller ID is not active. You can activate the caller ID from the Settings of your smartphone
- Contact has a company phone number
In all the cases mentioned above, the number registered as the incoming call is not the same as the one registered on the app. Hence, the watch blocks the call for security reasons.
In addition, calling issue might by sometimes related to the plan, coverage or parameters your provider uses: 
- Watch's SIM-card doesn't have active voice minutes or data
- There is a limit of numbers that can be called with your SIM-card
- 2G coverage offered by your SIM-card's provider isn't sufficient for the calls to work

I can't send or receive messages

- Messages are sent directly from the phone, not from the app. Note that the XGO2 watches don't support SMS messages. Instead, try sending messages through the chat of the app
- Watch is offline (without data or WIFI connection) or receives insufficient coverage
- SIM-card's provider isn't compatible with Xplora
- Sometimes, messages can't be sent or delivered due to a server problem. If this happens, send us an email through our contactform.