X5 Play eSIM Activation errors X5 Play eSIM Activation errors

X5 Play eSIM Activation errors

When activating your new X5 Play eSIM, you can come along different error messages. The messages below appear when the problem is with the eSIM profile, and can be solved by contacting your eSIM provider or issuing a new eSIM. 

Error 16.38: If the eSIM activation code has been scanned more than once, your provider might have deactivated the eSIM profile. If you contact your eSIM provider, they will provide you with a new active eSIM profile you can use to activate your watch.

Error 17: It shows up when the eSIM profile has a PIN code. Contact your eSIM provider to check whether the PIN code can be deactivated, as the watch can only be used with a SIM card / eSim without a PIN code. 

Error 16.1.2: It can sometimes take up to 6 hours before the eSIM gets activated in your eSIM provider's system. Once the time has passed, make sure that the watch is charged (over 50%) and that both WiFi and Bluetooth are switched on on your smartphone. Scan the QR code from the Settings menu and then scan the QR code of your eSIM profile.
If you continue seeing the Error 18, it can mean that the eSIM wasn't activated properly by your eSIM provider. Please contact them directly if the issue persists despite following the provided instructions.